Make it yours…


Welcome to your new home!

Maybe your new place does not quite feel like home. There are many circumstances we find ourselves in when we move to a new place far away from home where things just do not seem to be the same and we wonder how can we make a connection to our place back home.

Are you living in temporary housing, company accommodations, dorm? Maybe you have always lived in a quaint 5oo sq ft place and are now in an expansive villa or you have grown use to an American or European style home with a backyard and neighborhood, but are now living in a concrete environment, whatever the case, rest assured that you can create a feeling of home. With just a little creativity and learning what connects you with home, you will be hanging your hat and placing your welcome mat out soon.

You can find inspirations for your new home on my weekly post, from creating art for your new home to reviving old furniture, discovering new IKEA hacks and many more projects. Join me as we make our homes feel like home.

Warmest wishes,

Constance Citalan

P.S. Here are some words of wisdom to live by that may inspire you:







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