Learning to Lean…..Creating Vignettes

I have learned to lean, and I love it…….


….maybe because I have rented for so long and fear of damaging a wall I have leaned pictures and mirrors against the wall instead of hanging them. It could also be a lack of furniture. As an expat living overseas living in a rented space could mean you do not have much furniture.  I have come to love this look of creating a *vignettes to display my favorite things, things I feel define who I am.

This is a great way to add layers of interest to your home. A *vignettes can tell a story, have a common collection or just be things that are important to you. Try it, you will be surprised how it makes your home feel.

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Wishing you a happy home,

Expat State of Mind

                                                                               314b09b877e471c9156b93c23aed4425* Vignettes is a French word used in the field of art or design.


1. To soften the edges of (a picture) in vignette style.
2. To describe in a brief way.
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7 thoughts on “Learning to Lean…..Creating Vignettes

  1. I love how you decorated your apt. I would love to use your ideas. Beautiful.

  2. i think i need to practice more because none of my vignettes look this lovely.. thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. Gayle Ballard on said:

    Welcome back…glad to see you are creating again.

  5. Wonderful ideas, very effective in making a house a home, no matter where you live. I relate so well, having rented for many years while my family were growing up.
    Welcome back 🙂

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