Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore…

Sometimes just having a connection to back home is as simple as bringing your best friend along on your new expat life or while you travel to distant lands.

Meet these special expat pets:

Expat: Jack Russell Mix, Bertie
Hails from: UK
Host country: Astana, Kazakhstan
Joys in life: Likes walking along the river and promenading around the fountains outside his flat, so that everyone can admire Bertie’s beauty and outstanding personality!
* Like to learn more about Bertie’s canine musings? Follow him at


Expat: Chihuahua, Paris
Hails from: United States of America
Host country: Doha, Qatar
Joys in life: Playing with his Union Jack stuffed guitar, riding in his carry on bag in the car, sleeping in his posh dog beds.

*Do you have an expat dog/cat that you would like to add to our Expat Pet Society Page? Please leave a comment with your pets information:  breed, name, home country, host country and their joys in life (local establishments they visit, special treats, things they like to do, etc.) once I receive your pets information I will forward an e-mail address so you may submit their photo. 

Wishing your expat pets lots of tail wagging and happy purring moments.

Warmest wishes,

Constance Citalán

If you are an expat and own a pet, this is the group for you.

Share pictures, stories, vets, health problems, training, husbandry, pets wanted/offered, pet-friendly parks and any other pet related topic. –

Traveling Chihuahuas by Sharon Montrose

Traveling Chihuahuas by Sharon Montrose

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  1. Thanks for linking to my blog!

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