Spring into tradition

As an expat you can live your life everyday in your new host country and hopefully appreciate the differences your new world brings, but we all need a feeling of home to help us cope with missing the familiar comforts of home which is embedded in our memories through taste, sound and sight.

The purpose of my blog is to help not only expats across the globe with inspiration of creating a home away from home but to also remind me the importance of keeping family traditions alive so that my children will have the memories we had back in the US.

Now with spring coming soon this is a great time to think about adding a touch of familiar surrounding to your family home to continue or start your family traditions.

Do not worry if you do not have any spring or Easter items, it is as easy as adding spring flowers to a water pitcher or vase, using scrap paper to make a craft or items found in nature such as twigs and feathers or maybe bright colored candy in a glass jar.

I hope you will find some inspiration here:


pages from a book sewn together and stamped to create a spring or Easter treat bag


source: Pinterest -Leaf print Easter egg recipe and tutorial. How to use natural ingredients to decorate Easter eggs. http://allshecooks.com/2013/03/08/crafty-leaf-print-easter-egg-recipe-2/

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cardboard roll – cut and paint


Any glass jar, ribbon and colorful candy


Painted card board tied to a door to welcome spring.


Spring image stamped on newspaper print



I love this idea – Removable tattoos put on Easter Eggs

Wishing you a season of new beginnings and maybe new traditions.

Kindest regards,

Constance Citalán

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5 thoughts on “Spring into tradition

  1. So many great ideas! Too cute!

  2. Love your blog, so inspiring and beautiful ideas. I have nominated you for The Leibster Award, congratulations! I hope that you will accept. Here is the link explaining all:

    • Dearest Sherri,

      What a nice surprise I found on my blog while checking in after taking a week off. You really brought a much needed boost! I gladly accept and will work on the instructions ASAP. Thank you for considering me and I wish you continued success.

      Kindest regards,

      Constance Citalan

  3. I love the Easter eggs with the tattoos and the cute book page bag! Loads of creative inspiration! I had a trip to the new IKEA earlier and that was a nice reminder of home!

    • I am happy this inspired you! I was also inspired and promised not to try to buy eggs to decorate the night before Easter like last year! I have not tried to visit Ikea as of yet, buy hope to soon. I guess I have been wanting some of the new to wear off so it will not be so crazy. Thank you for taking a look at Expat State of Mind.

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