Is there a lot of Vanity here? or is it just me – Part II


I have noticed a lot of vanity here in our region of the world, well a lot of vanity tables. Most of the fully furnished flats, villas and company accommodations include a vanity table in their furnishings.

What doesn’t help is maybe your pre-furnished home away from home does not reflect your personal style, which is unfortunately usually the case.

This can seem like a design dilemma to most including me, since I have not had an actual vanity table since I was in school in the 1980’s. My vanity area is in my closet space where I display my favorite perfumes, pictures of family and other curiosity’s that please me visually.

My mother always had a vanity table although it was more to display her antique silver hand mirror and brush set, glistening crystal perfume bottles, aging ivory jewelry and other cherished collected items. The vanity table was always softly lit with a beautiful antique bronze colored lamp base with a matte black and taupe raw silk lamp shade which cast a romantic glow.

To help you embrace your maybe unwanted piece of furniture I have added some photos below which I hope inspires you. If all else fails and you just are not that vain try turning your vanity into a creative work space, (see here)

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Other ideas to hide an unsightly table is to create a slip cover.

d69468556dedf362fcc664d78004e296 40770ede0567857f0d6c5973e7150c1b

Best wishes on making even your most unwanted piece of furniture a place of pride or vanity!

Kindest regards,

Constance Citalan

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