Is there a lot of Vanity here? or is it just me…

Is there a lot of Vanity Here? or is it just me?

Living in this region of the world I have noticed the vanity table is still included in many furnished apartments and villas along with many company accommodations. This can seem like a design dilemma to most including me, since I have not had an actual vanity table since I was in school in the 1980’s. What doesn’t help is maybe your pre-furnished home away from home does not reflect your personal style, which is unfortunately usually the case.

My mother always had a vanity table although it was more to display her antique silver hand mirror and brush set, glistening crystal perfume bottles, aging ivory jewelry and other cherished collected items. The vanity table was always softly lit with a beautiful antique bronze colored lamp base with a matte black and taupe raw silk lamp shade which cast a romantic glow.

I hope you will be as inspired as I was by Plume Perfume’s “Decorating Your Vanity Table: A Sacred Alter to Yourself” and turn your maybe sad looking vanity table into something special for yourself.

Kindest regards,

Constance Citalan

A well-appointed vanity table is like an altar — an altar to yourself. I guess it’s called a “vanity” for a reason! But, don’t think of it as a vice. Think of it as a place for devotion and appreciation: devotion to beauty, appreciation for the little things that make your life pleasurable.

As a perfume lover, fragrance is certainly one of the things that bring you peace and pleasure in an otherwise chaotic and not-so-peaceful world. Arranging a a special place for your bits, baubles, and bottles can be a meditative practice.

Those old, half-used flacons of fragrance can remind you of times past. Precious trinkets help you recall travels, loved ones, and important life experiences.

As a space devoted to YOU, the vanity can also represent the changes and learning experiences that you have gone through. Even items that you no longer use (remember that perfume you thought…

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