Creativity Space Needed?

Whether you are living large or feeling cramped, we all need a place where we can feel productive, be creative and get organized.

I have lived in a 350 sq ft space with my husband and daughter who was only 4 at the time and I have lived in a couple of places that were over 3,000 sq ft. Where ever we have moved, I had to create a place where I could be creative, work from home and feel organized or it just did not feel like home.

If you are fortunate enough, your new space provides a great place to do all kinds of things that make you feel like home.

Here are some great ideas for your home office/creativity room/homework space that have the space to spread out!

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Source: Pinterest - Geronimo Workspace

Source: Pinterest – Geronimo Workspace

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The place we are renting now has an extra open plan room that I want to use for my home office/creativity space/play room for my two youngest kids. The ceilings soar and the space is big so I need to plan it well and find a budget. As an expat the case is usually that you leave your home furnishings behind in storage. Not wanting to spend a lot on furniture should we move sooner than later, I am working on getting creative and will update my space once it happens. Wish me luck on trying to nail a space like the ones above!

Do you have space envy? Do not fret I have found some great ideas for you to create in your home that will make you feel productive, creative and organized!

I have found that it is actually easier to make a small space more cozy. You just have to be creative, de-clutter and think outside the box! Plus it is less costly to furnish a small workspace.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

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I know I went crazy posting so many small work spaces, and there were tons more! Just shows you can make any space work, even small ones! I have had plenty of workspaces in a closet and they were all spaces which I could feel inspired to do what ever I needed to do to seize the day!

Wishing you to best on creating a work place/creativity space or what ever space you need to feel like home!

Kind regards,

Constance Citalan

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5 thoughts on “Creativity Space Needed?

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  3. Oh my, I totally “get it”, trying to make this rental house in the middle of Mexico feel like home! We were lucky, the company my husband works for actually moved a lot of our items. We are planning on being here quite awhile. Still, it’s not the same. We sold our home in Canada along with our vehicles and many household items. I kept only our favourite pieces, which was probably still too much.
    The past few days I feel like I have been nesting or playing with my creativity. I have moved furniture, hung art in different areas, displayed candles, etc. I also ordered 3 pieces of Spanish – Colonial furniture from a local company (waiting to be delivered today).
    I now feel happy and content, this is my HOME.
    Love all your ideas, great blog!
    From one Expat to another 🙂

    • You are nesting! It sounds like you are enjoying yourself there. I have always been inspired by Spanish Colonial architecture. I am sure it is quiet different for you from Canada. I have roots from Texas and New Mexico so it is not so foreign to me. This place on the other hand is and to furnish a home is very expensive. We left our furniture in Texas. Slowly but surely we are making it home! Best wishes for you in Mexico!

  4. museconfuse on said:

    Good luck on decorating you new space! As a fellow expat, I can totally understand wanting to make the place your own but not spend a ton of money. We moved like 3 times in the 3.5 years we spent in Singapore. 🙂 and now we are in Frankfurt in temp lodgings until Jun and then we will move again to our rental and I can’t wait to start decorating!,

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