Cappucino is sexier than a glass of wine?

6531-1_nCappucino is sexier than a glass of wine? I think so. Do not get me wrong I love a great wine paired with an amazing dish. Pinot Noir is  my wine of choice for the moment. But there is something about having a cappucino that can create a wonderful intimate converstation with the one you love.

I do not know about you but I just feel a bit hipper when I am strolling the shops, cappucino in hand. I am not sure if this comes from our pop culture of paparazzi photos of celebrities with identifiable Starbucks paper cups in their hand while wearing their laid back California or city hip New York style.


When my husband and I moved to Germany 15 years ago that is when we discovered Cappucino. Once returning home state side a regular coffee just would not do and the cost of a cappucino on a daily basis for two added up quickly. So we set off to buy a Cappucino machine. We started off with an inexpensive brand, Mr. Coffee a fully manual machine. I believe it cost us $15USD at the time. After going through 4 machines, since our daily intakes would burn the machines motor in less than a year, we determined that we are and will forever be cappucino lovers.  We splurged and bought an automatic cappucino machine. We are not materialist people, but we love our machine. When I awake in the morning and turn on the kitchen lights, there it is placed on our counter top looking so absolutely magnificent. I can almost hear angels singing and a light shining from heaven upon it. This is our time as a couple, children still asleep and we can come together and enjoy our moment of peace and uninterupted conversation or just say nothing at all and just enjoy eachothers company while we dive into our IPads to get the most up todate news, read e-mails and check in on our friends and family through our social media accounts.

Where in the world have you had your favorite cup of cappucino?

My most memorable cup was in Gothenburg, Sweden outside a coffee/cigar shop named, Cigaren. We sat in front of the seven seas fountain in the cold with wonderfully woven thick wool blankets courtsey of the coffee shop. The cappucino’s were served in glassware; shaker glass style and kept our hand warm in the cold. It was an amazing moment. Share your favorite place you have had your coffee beverage of choice!

Gothenburg, Sweden

Taste like home…We now are currently living as expats in the middle east and having a taste of home is even more of importance for our sanity. Thank goodness the middle eastern country we currently reside in loves the American Food and Beverage Franchises so we can enjoy our taste of home. We just need a Starbuck’s with a drive through window and I will feel a little closer to home.
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10 thoughts on “Cappucino is sexier than a glass of wine?

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  4. Best cappuccino was in Florence, Italy last year.

  5. Cappuccino or vino, that is a tough one! I adore both but first thing in the morning please …….. I need my cappuccino. Before moving to Mexico, I bought a small “Nespresso” machine that also froths milk. It uses pods and you can purchase a wide variety of delicious coffee for this amazing little machine. I love it and yes kind of sleek and sexy 🙂

    • You get it! There is nothing like the look of a sleek machine and the results it brings is so gratifying. So many friends and family members think it is to much work to froth the milk and all, but it is well worth it especially when enjoyed with a loved one, close friends and family. You can find great coffee in Mexico in the South. My father- in- law lives in Tapachula where they grow great coffee beans! Salute!

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  7. I haven’t had a cappucino here in India but I have had their chai tea and it is better than any other tea I have had and has even made me give up coffee for the time being. I can’t get enough of the stuff!

    • Thank you for your comment. I have not tried Chai Tea and my husband and I have been keen to trying new teas. Our 14 year old daughter has introduced us to trying teas. Chai Tea will be my next tea to try. Thank you for the tip and sharing your favorite drink.

      • Of course! Although I do recommend looking up how they make it in India as well. It is very sweet and has lots of milk so it’s similar to coffee in a way.

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