Moving to a new host country?

Some results are in for the recent survey listed below. If you would like to take this simple two question survey here is the link:

Here are some more ideas  Moving to a new host country? If you would like to comment on anything I may have left off the list please do so to help someone on their new journey.

Results below (family photos is trending the most popular thing they wished they had brought to their new home).
Question#3 What one thing do you wish you would have taken to your new home to make it feel like home?
All kitchen utensils, kids toys, clothes, shoes, home furniture Today, 5:40AM
In general, I would love to move my entire kitchen here. That and my soaker tub…. But realistically speaking, there are a couple of kitchen gizmos I really miss from home. If IKEA ever opens, they will easily be acquired 🙂 Today, 4:11AM
Family fotos Today, 3:49AM
I wish I had kept my furniture. I sold everything before leaving. I wish I had shipped everything. Today, 2:44AM
Some of my kitchen supply as a mum i spend alot of time in kitchen also family photos definitly makes you feel connected with home food spices makes the food taste somehow like what its like back home. Today, 2:03AM
Books Today, 1:46AM
A few important kitchen items, like my metal french press coffee pot (a friend gave us as a wedding present, and it’s such a dear friend!). I have found that replacing certain items in the kitchen is not terribly cheap or easy here, so having some of those items would have meant a lot to me.
(In fact, they left the states more than 2 months ago in a shipment to come to Doha, but have been “lost” by the airline. :(If it’s really important, find a way to pack it in your suitcase!
Today, 1:42AM
My books Today, 1:15AM
My family:) Today, 12:18AM
Food ingredients not available in qatar, family pics Today, 12:33AM
Nothing I can think of. I brought everything from my old home. My kids I don’t think cared so much about the stuff. But, what is important is to hang up pictures and photos and art soon after arriving, because that makes the house feel more “homey”.
The best gift I got was a new car and a map of Doha that was waiting for me when I arrived. Without that freedom, it would have been hell for me.
Yesterday, 11:23PM
Family photos. We packed a few, but thinking we wouldn’t be here as long as we have been, we left the vast majority packed in a storage site back home. All of the prints from then they were babes in the hospital, ballet recitals, sports games, pictures with grandparents and family safely packed away and unavailable to us until we move back home. I underestimated how important those were to us and desperately wish they were hanging on our walls. Yesterday, 11:01PM
Vase Yesterday, 11:14PM
Yaaa.. A favorite recliner chair that was too big & heavy it wasn’t worth bringing it & then it might not fit in the new place…. Yesterday, 10:10PM
I would like to take the table cloth which I love the most Yesterday, 5:18PM
My clothes, my dog and all of my makeup. Yesterday, 4:34PM
Here is a great idea of turning a hand written receipe from a loved one into an apron for your kitchen and bringing a taste of home into your new place.
I hope you will visit my blog often to help inspire others with your ideas on expat life or to share ideas on how to bring the taste and feel of home.
Kindest regards,
Constance Citalan
If the survey page does not load correctly please use the following link:
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