What would you take on your journey?

What would you take on your new journey?

Are you moving, have moved in the past? Help others with your expert opinion by answering these two simple questions. As you know there is no place like home, but making your new home feel more like home is probably more important than you know. Creating a new environment that feels like home is vital for our well being, productivity, our sanity, our children, our relationships, etc.

Your opinion matters and there are no wrong answers! It is what makes you feel like home….

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Photo Source: serenaandlily.com

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8 thoughts on “What would you take on your journey?

  1. Wonderful post.

  2. Definitely the laptop. I would also take my kids, but I think they have other plans.

    • Thank you for adding to the list! I have been enjoying reading about your time in Germany in the 70’s. Fascinating you were there when there was a boarder for East and West Germany. Lake Konstanz brought back a good memory of my husband visiting when I was expecting our first child and on our first expat adventure. Thank you again for commenting. Warmest wishes, Constance

  3. Suzanne Levine on said:

    Definitely photo’s-that way your friends and family can be with you no matter where you are in the world and can remind you of magical moments gone by and inspire you to have some new ones!

  4. Besides my family. I would take my laptop to keep me in touch with everyone I know. My laptop has all the pictures and videos we’ve been gathering since forever.

  5. Photos, books and a sense of humour

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