Creating Art for your new home

As you soon will discover in your new host country it is not easy to find art for your new home that reflects your personal style. If you do it may come at a high price. Since your home may be temporary creating your own art is a fun and affordable way to reflect your style.

Here some easy DIY ideas to make your new place feel like home.
Arrange family photos in an interesting shape.
Source: Geraldine James Creative Walls. (book)

Source: Geraldine James Creative Walls. (book)

Frame wallpaper or fabric sample


Cut circles out of poster board attach to canvas and paint.
Hang scarfs as art work. There are amazing scarves that are better viewed for their detail when hung.
vintage scarf framed
Use embroidery hoops with fabric or scarfs to create a wall of color and patterns.


Stencil a pre-painted canvas

Best wishes in making your new place feel like home.

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5 thoughts on “Creating Art for your new home

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  2. Thank you so much for mentioning my website in your column! Love your site, especially the article about the recipe card tea towels (oh and this one of course!). In fact reading this has given me some great ideas as to what to do with some of the paintings I’ve created that I’ve ‘outgrown’! Thanks for your lovely work. I’ll definitely be back to read more and admire the beautiful images!

    • Thank you Cheryl for your comment. I was more than happy to mention your website. It is very important to always give a source for images and ideas so the reader can find the full article and of course give the author full credit. Thank you again for your comment and I wish you much success.

      Best regards,

      Constance Citalan

  3. Adorable! The deer with antlers really made me smile.

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