Moving to a new host country?

For expats moving can be very exciting, scary and overwhelming.

If your moving and can not take everything with you because of a temporary job, school opportunity or you are just unsure if your “permanent” position will really be “permanent”. Whatever the reason you definitely need to decide what to take to make sure you feel at home. I have over packed and I have under packed and neither one was a good choice.

A good place start is to think about what home means to you. Here is a list to think about that will not require expensive shipping of heavy items. You can always find furniture and rugs in your new location whether it is newly purchased, used, revived or provided through company/school housing.

  • Pillow covers for bedroom and other living areas. (covers only to avoid bulk). 
  • Throws for adding texture, color and warmth
  • Art work without glass to avoid breakage and damage to art
  • Family photos and picture frames
  • Table linens
  • Home decor which is small or of a portable size
Layers of white bed linens and favorite photos in frames make a inviting space to feel like home.

Layers of white bed linens and favorite photos in frames make an inviting space to feel like home.

Pillows 2

Pillows bring color and comfort into your home and is a great way of reflecting your personal style. Add pillow covers to your packing list, purchasing fillers once you arrive in your host country is a great way to avoid bulk when packing.

Table Linens

Linens for your table bring life to your table and make meals more special.

I love hardback books but they can add up in weight quickly. I have chosen to bring an armful of books that inspire me as well as make a visual impact in my decor.



If music and entertainment is a big part of your home download your favorite music, movies, books and games on portable devices.

Best wishes for your new adventure!

I hope you have found this blog helpful. Please follow or sign up for new blogs while I cover many topics that could be helpful for new expats.

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3 thoughts on “Moving to a new host country?

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  2. Good list. From my own experience of moving around, I’d add a small day -to-day object (could be anything, a wooden spoon, a bottle opener) to give you a sense of continuity and “home”-ness.
    I didn’t realise how important small objects were until the sight of my old bottle opener on top of a mountain of boxes almost brought tears to my eyes:)

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