Feels like home…


Third time is a charm! After exploring an expat lifestyle on our third try I realized to make it work we must make our new place “feel like home”.

Our first try as expats, we were a newly married couple and had a few things to ship to our host country of Germany. After living in Europe and discovering the wonderful french antique markets an hours drive we collected some wonderful finds on our shopping trips. Although our acquired items may not be considered valuable in antique or vintage standards they do represent our personal style we had begun to develop together as a couple. Many wonderful memories are tied to each item we discovered together and brought into our home we were building together.

Our second try as expats was to Tunisia. I had packed up all of our belongings and put them in storage in the United States. I soon realized without a touch of home and what I felt represented our style and how we like to live, it can make one feel very disconnected. This may not hold true to everyone, I am a visual person and I have to be stimulated through sight and be surrounded by my personal style and the memories that are evoked by being surrounded by found treasures and family photos.

Now here we are a family of five living in the Middle East. But this time I was determined to make it our home and for it to “feel like home”.

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2 thoughts on “Feels like home…

  1. I think you have the right mindset to be a happy expat in the Middle East. Please enjoy , have fun and take tons of pictures to share with your friends. Are you on Pinterest ? Please give the link . Cheers to your success and happiness !

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